Kids love waffle house. Heck, I love Waffle House.  The first time we went there with our allergic child we assumed that the waffles would be safe for her.  We asked the waitress about the batter ingredients and felt pretty good about things until we noticed the pecan waffle on the menu.  Now we had to think about cross contamination issues. Unfortunately, Waffle House does not have a waffle iron dedicated solely for pecan waffles or for plain waffles. As a result, we did not feel safe ordering her a waffle.  That is the way it goes sometimes but the issue of cross contamination is something we should all consider when eating out.  At Waffle House the main concern is the waffle irons. At another restaurant, it could be the flat top grill or the counter top where they make sandwiches.  If you have any concerns always ask your server or the restaurant manager, most restaurants are more than happy to answers your questions and many times they can suggest a solution that makes everyone happy.  What are some things that you worry or concern you when you eat out?