As mentioned in our one-month anniversary post, product reviews will become a new addition to Peanut Free Life.  Our first review is also a first in a series of reviews of products from Enjoy Life Foods.

Quick disclaimer, Enjoy Life Foods did not provide me with any product or other compensation for these reviews.  I purchased these items at our local Publix Grocery Store.

Our family thinks it is important to support, when we can, local companies and restaurants, as well as those that support causes important to us, food allergies for one.  Enjoy Life Foods is one such company.  Their dedication to creating a product that is safe for those with food allergies is admirable and one that we as a family and food allergy community should support.

I brought home several boxes of the different varieties of Enjoy Life Foods Cookies for lunch today.  My son (6 years old) immediately asked,  “What are those for?”  I told him that we were going to try some of these and I wanted him and his sister to tell me what the though of them.  I asked both my son and daughter (9 years old) which one they wanted to try first.  They both immediately agreed on the Double Chocolate Brownie Cookies (affiliate link).

I opened the box and gave one to each kid.  My daughter’s first comment was, “It’s kind of dark, in a chocolate way.”  She was right.  The cookies do have a dark chocolate overtone I think is great.  I think she was surprised by the taste and meant it in a negative way.  Nevertheless, she ate the whole thing and was eying another one.  My son simply said, “This is yummy, can we try another one?” and “I can barely eat this in one bite.”  My wife Cindy came in and tried one and said, “This is good; we need to get more of these.”

The texture for the cookie was surprisingly good for a cookie that is wheat free and egg free and you could see and taste the chocolate chips in the brownie.  In addition, the brownie fully satisfied my current craving for sweets.  As a result of the family’s semi-unanimous approval, this snack is now a new addition to our snack food/dessert/road trip food rotation.  If you have tried these, what do you think of them?