Today marks the one-month anniversary of  Thank you to everyone that has visited the site, everyone kind enough to leave comments and to everyone who has subscribed.  The support has been amazing.

We started the blog as a resource to help parents and friends find peanut and tree nut free foods.  This past month we posted three Safe Food Lists: Cereals, Candy and Ice Cream Novelties.  The number of downloads for these lists from our site inspire us to keep the lists coming.  The next list we plan on posting is for Crackers, Chips and Cookies.

One thing I did not expect to find was the large network of food allergy parents on Twitter and Facebook.  These communities are supportive, helpful and encouraging.  To see for yourself, go to Twitter and search for tweets with the #foodallergy topic.  Read through the tweets and click on some of the links included the tweets.   I encourage you to follow these users on twitter, subscribe to their blog, and comment on their blog posts.  You can even follow us (Twitter name: peanutfreelife) and check us out on Facebook (Facebook page: peanutfreelife).

What does the next month hold for  The main priority is spending time with our kids during their summer break.  On the website, we will certainly post more Safe Food Lists.  We will also expand our post topics to include more product specific reviews and more posts dedicated to commentary on news stories related to peanut and tree allergies.  We are very excited about month number two!

Again, thank you for your continued support!