Next time you eat out at a restaurant consider dessert.  I know what you’re thinking, “Are you crazy? Everything either has nuts or is cross-contaminated with nuts.”  For years we though the same thing, until we asked about it.  Most restaurants now are used to customers asking allergy specific questions.  Many of these have a book that lists every menu item and what common allergens the food contains or may contain.

Our kids are so used to not being able to eat some foods because they contain or may contain peanuts or tree nuts so when we find something that they can have a restaurant, it is an extra special treat for them.  If the restaurant doesn’t, we shrug and say, “Oh well, we tried.  We’ll just eat dessert at home.”  Next time you go out to eat, ask the server or manager.  You might find out you have more options than you realize.  Some restaurants we’ve been to that have allergen books are: Chili’s, Red Robin and Panera Bread.  Do you know of any other restaurants that have an allergen book or list?  Share it with us in the comments!